Fly fishing is my passion!

This is my first blog, my space “out there” where I intend to journal my experiences fly fishing the waters of the Southern Tier of New York.


5 Responses to “Fly fishing is my passion!”

  1. hi. I usually fish off the banks of the west bank angler in hales eddy. you mentioned, Stilesville fishing access above Deposit. would you tell me where that access point is off of the highway? thank you. Drew.

    • stflyfisher Says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog, Drew. The Stilesville access is a DEC access point that is on Laurel Bank Avenue. If you get off Rt 17 (east) at the Deposit exit, continue through town and make a left onto Oak Street. Follow Oak Street and make a right onto Laurel Bank Avenue just before the bridge at the river. Follow Laurel bank and after making a sharp left and then a sharp right, you will be driving along the river and should see the DEC fishing access parking area on your left. You’ll see the tall pine where the eagles nest upstream from the access on the far shore. Fishing is good all along the far shore. Here is a link to a map on Mapquest: Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks again for visiting Southern Tier Fly Fisher!

  2. thanks so much. i’ll be wadding the river on saturday and I’ll be sure to hit this spot.

  3. one other question! is there a fly shop close to that entry point? thanks again!

    • stflyfisher Says:

      Hi Drew – there’s one shop across the river at the bridge in Deposit called Hornbeck’s (8 Pine Street). It is in a large white building. I haven’t been there in a while – not sure if he’s still in business. Last I was there, he had a good collection of flies and I believe he knows the river well, but the place is not like West Branch Angler (WBA) – it’s kind of cluttered. He also sells bait and lures. I guess it’s worth a try, although I would prefer WBA. If you do check it out, let me know what your experience was like, and maybe I’ll see you on the river. In any case, good luck to you…

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