Home Water

The view from my backyard deck...

The view from my backyard deck...

50 yards out my back door lies a pond, home water I call “Grippen Pond”.  It’s at least as old as my mid-sixties era house.  The great willows that grace its shallow end were planted by my neighbor across the street, back when a dairy barn stood where my house now does.

Grippen Pond is spring-fed, but it’s warm and fertile so that by early August, it is nearly weed-choked.  The bass, sunfish, minnows, turtles (snappers included), leopard frogs, leeches, salamanders, dragonflies and damselflies that call it home don’t mind one bit.  In the evening in summer the swallows come out and play “top gun” over its mirror surface, and not long after, as dark descends, come the bats.  Canada geese, mallards, wood ducks, green heron and great blue heron also call it home.

When the rivers are as full as they are now – the Susquehanna flowing like milk chocolate – the West Branch of the Delaware roaring with water spilling over the dam at Cannonsville – this “little water” is a god-send.  Stand by its banks in the evening and you will witness gangs of bass terrorizing the shallows.  Throw a popper in any of the weed pockets, and hang on…


One Response to “Home Water”

  1. Nice site. Your picture of the striped bass you caught is something, really! I’m sure you had help landing it though.. Where are all the trout pictures??

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