Rain, rain go away…

The first part of the (working – ugh) week was beautiful here – low humidity, clear skies, temps in the 70’s, and in what seems to be a recurring pattern, the weekend is starting off wet again.  I am getting “smallie fever” – dying to hit one of the local rivers to fish for smallmouth bass.  The Susquehanna, Chenango, and Tioughnioga are only recently settling down to summer flows.  The Susquehanna is still somewhat high and murky.  A review of my fishing log from last year shows I was nailing some really nice bass in the riffles on poppers very early (sunrise – approx 5:30 am) in the morning.  This went on for a good week – predictably.  I’d show up at the same fast moving riffle and the bass would be hitting baitfish – with audible pops – and sending them scattering much like bluefish do when they go on a blitz in the salt.  A best bet right now would be the Tioughnioga, which I may assault tomorrow or Sunday, possibly the Chenango – above Chenango Forks – and, as reported by a fellow flyfisher to the West, the Chemung, which has apparently been running tamely the last few weeks.  I’ll leave you with a pic of the pond from the other night and a quote from my soon-to-be college-bound daughter, Eileen: “Dad, there were some really loud splashes on the pond last night”.  Tight lines…

Grippen pond at dusk.  Not safe for swimmers...

Grippen pond at dusk. Not safe for swimmers...


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