Why Won’t You Die…

I’m a big fan of Austin Powers, and in one of his movies there’s a scene where he repeatedly tries to kill a woman assassin by the name of Robin Swallows.  After a number of near-miss assaults by the woman, including the throwing of knives, and the firing of a machine gun and RPG, the fight goes to the ground and the two end up breaking through a window in a skyscraper, presumably falling to their deaths below.  Powers, being the super Bond-type that he is, deftly switches positions as they fall – moving Robin below him to break the fall, but in the process, screams out, in frustration, “why won’t you die?!!!”

That best sums up how I feel about the rain we’ve been having – enough to refloat Noah’s ark off Mt Ararat.  STFF’s Staff Hydrologist Dan has reportedly given up on reading the USGS charts as they only keep going up and up.  And I was seriously considering hiring a Staff Meteorologist, but after this recent deluge, decided to shelve the position since the weather for once is so predictably wet, and STFF has yet to receive any stimulus money from the “gubment”.

Here we go again...

Here we go again...

So what to do?  The rivers are blowing wide open, and it seems even the West Branch, the classic holdout tailwater of those who run from heavy rain, is not so immune to this recent deluge…

Up, up and away...

Up, up and away...

Yes, the end of the world could be approaching, yet amidst all the negative vibes, another coworker, STFF Staff Astronomer, Jay, talked to me towards the end of the day and planted a seed of hope.  He happens to live up in the Nanticoke Valley – home to Nanticoke Creek – generally known as a put-and-take fishery – but one that has been known for a few decent holdovers.  As soon as he mentioned it to me, I began to think small headwaters – and the first flowing water to clear.  And so, fellow fly fishers, I suggest a possible venue – small waters up in “them thar hills”.  Tight lines…


2 Responses to “Why Won’t You Die…”

  1. Sounds like you’re having the weather we had in June/early July. It’s frustrating for an angler!

    • stflyfisher Says:

      Scott, thanks for the comment. The weather is VERY frustrating. I’ve had to put last year’s fishing log away, because around this time the smallmouth bass fishing was really good on the Susquehanna. Right now, the big rivers are still high and discolored, and, it looks like the big White Fly hatch that occurs this time every year will never happen…

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