So What Else Is New…

Okay, admittedly, this post on fishing conditions is sounding like a broken record.  The weather gods continue to tease us with this “lets be real cool and rain cats and dogs and then while they’re all “working for the man” let’s brighten up the skies and have wonderfully sunny, low humidity weather that magically goes away just in time for the weekend when we suddenly brew up masses of heat and humidity and the whole thing begins again just about the time the rivers are coming down…”

To wit, you’ll notice the following “insult-to-injury” USGS chart that has the West Branch gage height trend looking like a 4 weight fly rod bowing to a good brown bulldogging in the current:

The West Branch of the Delaware flows are proverbially giving us the you know what...

The West Branch of the Delaware flows are proverbially giving us the you know what...

I’ve spent most of the week in domestic mode  since it will be a while until the big rivers and their smaller tribs are fishable.  A few evenings ago I couldn’t help but snap a few pics of the Owego Creek, an excellent trout stream in its headwaters and upper main stem reaches, and a decent smallmouth fishery just upstream from where it joins the Susquehanna.

Owego Creek - between innings of my son's Little League tournament...

Owego Creek - between innings of my son's Little League tournament...

The creeks of the Southern Tier, especially the upper reaches, are quite fishable as I write this.  On Tuesday evening, the lower stretches of the Owego Creek were still a little “spring-like” and dishwater-coffee in color.  Of course, those die-hard meat-chuckers out there might say this is prime time to be throwing a big streamer on a sink-tip line.  Discolored water caters to big browns looking for mega-protein.

This weekend will be interesting; should I fish headwater trout streams, the Tioughnioga River, or possibly visit the Padre and Madre down in Barnegat where the bluefish appear to be developing an appetite after a prolonged spawning period.  Decisions, decisions…

Tight Lines


2 Responses to “So What Else Is New…”

  1. Cayuta is low, clear, fishable. Although the water is too warm I’m afraid. You might get smallmouth the closer you get to the Susquehanna though. A better bet for this weekend, if your looking, is the Chemung. It’s in good shape, and the smallies should be hitting if that’s what you’re after…Dan

    • stflyfisher Says:

      Dan – thanks very much for the report. I would expect the upper reaches of Cayuta might be good this weekend, and still relatively cool given the mild weather we’ve had, but you are right about the Chemung. The chart shows it is settling down nicely. I’ll bring the marble rye and ham sandwiches / beer, you guide? What do you think?

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