Weekend Short Report…

Fishing conditions on the warmwater rivers in the southern tier are mixed.  The bigger waters like the Susquehanna are still high and discolored – all are coming down but we may need another week of clearing and lowering.  The upper sections of the Susquehanna in Windsor might be OK this weekend.

I got confirmation from STFF’s Staff Hydrologist (and custom cabinet maker) Chip, that the Tioughnioga was looking quite good as of yesterday (the charts confirm his bridge-side observations).   I’d avoid the Chenango River, although the upper reaches may be good, but I’m talking upper upper reaches from Greene and north to Norwich.

The West Branch is still flowing in the “don’t wade it – float it” thousands – 2000 CFS but dropping.  The Beaverkill and Willowemoc are the best bets if you’re in the mood for trout.  These two classic rivers are clear and wadeable.

STFF Staff Hydrologist Dan meekly reported yesterday that the Chemung was looking good.  He’s still a little gun-shy after my last jaunt out there – the infamous “what the hell” episode where I drove 40 minutes and Dan drove 2 minutes to find the Chemung in dirty shape.  Dan’s due to call me today and confirm, and if his report is good, I’ll be headed West to fish the evening for smallmouth bass.  Be on the lookout for a post if it’s a good trip.  If it’s a bad trip, be on the lookout for a post of a different kind.

As I write this I’m suddenly realizing that the infamous white fly hatch we get on the big rivers may have already passed us in the recent deluge(s) amd high river conditions.  Then again, who knows with the way the rivers and weather have been.  If you’re out on one of the rivers, be aware that we might still be in the zone.  These hatches can be phenomenally heavy and make for great fishing.  Check out this link to see what I’m talking about:


Tight lines…


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