Dropping “the Dadre” Off at School…

I spent Thursday dropping “dadre” (pronounced dah-dray) off at college in Rochester.  The “dadre” tag is our family nickname for “daughter” – it stems from my kids referring to me as “the padre”; hence, son – sadre, mom – madre, grandfather – grande padre, and so on.  You get the idea.

So what the heck is a post on the drudgery and emotional turmoil entailed in dropping one’s dadre off at college doing in a blog on flyfishing in the southern tier?   Well now, there are always alterior motives, angles, and creative opportunities.  In the STFF universe, there’s ALWAYS a connection to flyfishing somewhere, you see.

Disguised as a new found interest in the little bucolic town in which said dadre’s college is found, I set upon an internet quest for anything that might resemble a fly shop.  By finding such a place, I  could scope out the fishing AND have myself a little refuge for any weekend visits.  To my delight I found quite the place just a short walk from the ivy halls of the college.  “Up the Creek” was the name of the store.  It had a decent web site that sported such brands as Sage, Filson, Ross, Tibor and Winston.  These, I might add, are the brands of the well-heeled, which immediately made me think that some of the dadre’s own professors might very well be fishing the equipment I only dreamed to own.  Then, of course, I began to bristle at the thought of the tuition I was paying out, which, even after scholarships (thankyou dadre!), amounted to the equivalent of any of the following:

1 Orvis Penn’s Creek Full Flex bamboo fly rod per month

1+ Orvis Helios fly rod per month

1 Scott SC Bamboo fly rod every 2 months

2 Sage ZXL fly rods per month

College ain’t cheap – but I digress…

So after the dropping off, the room outfitting, the orientation, the convocation, and the final goodbyes, the madre and padre set off to find “Up the Creek”.  I promised the madre it would be just a quick little stop.  Prophetic words indeed…

We drove off the campus and onto Main Street, lined with its quaint shoppes (you don’t find “shops” in quaint towns), flower baskets hanging from gas lanterns, chalk boards displaying the various delicacies being served in the bistros, and while madre drove, padre scanned the street for #28.  I was looking for a big trout fish decoy or huge wooly bugger hanging from a storefront – a big window draped in bamboo – but there was no such thing.  #28 was a shoppe, all right – one of these hoitee-toitee gift places.  Not a fly, fly rod, fly reel, or vest in sight.  Hmmmmm…

#28 Main Street - literally up the creek...

#28 Main Street - literally up the creek...

I looked around some more with madre in tow and I swear I saw a slight smile on her face, most likely the result of my looming misfortune.  We walked around back of the store and a sales lady came out the side door of a real estate office.  “Excuse me”, I said, “I’m looking for a fly shop called “Up the Creek” – it’s supposed to be at #28 Main Street”.  “Well” said the lady, “that store’s been up the creek for the last 6 months, I’m afraid”.

The next day, home from the college drop-off and back at work, I told my tale of woe to the STFF staff.  Hydrologist Dan laughed at my misfortune, but offered up some saving grace of his own.  “There’s some great fishing up in Rochester – big browns in the tribs in the fall”, he said.  “We could go fishing on the tribs, then meet your daughter at her college and take her out for dinner”.  I thought about that and thought about that and suddenly life was getting very good again – fishing the tribs, visiting the dadre.  Huge brown trout tailwalked in my head.  6 and 7 weight rods bowed to the possibilities.  And the madre HAD to bless each trip under the law of obligation to family duty!  I wasn’t up the creek after all…


2 Responses to “Dropping “the Dadre” Off at School…”

  1. “up the Creek” was a great Fly Shop, I worked there and taught the owner’s flytying classes for almost 8 years. Joe Triolo the owner hated to close shop but had too. We all in the Rochester area feel the loss.

    • stflyfisher Says:

      Thanks for the comment. I was very disappointed to see Up the Creek closed, that’s fore sure. I’m assuming the closure was a result of the economy. I like to give good quality fly shops my business, especially when they do a good job giving me advice on where and how to find good flyfishing. I’m sure this was one of those great fly shops…

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