Labor Day Weekend Short Report – Update

I fished the lower section of the Tioughnioga this morning and wanted to get this short report out.  The big “T” was a little higher and stained than I anticipated, but fished decently nonetheless.  The water level and water temp (65 degrees F) were certainly “spring-like” and the clarity barely passed the Harry Murray’s “see your boots in knee deep water” rule.

I started off around 7 am under a canopy of thick fog and got my best bass of the day on a #6 Murray’s Blue Shenandoah Popper.  I missed another before heading upstream to fish the Lone House Pool – a favorite of mine.

This nice bass inhaled my popper...

This nice bass inhaled my popper...

As the morning lightened up I began to realize just how discolored and high the river was.  I switched to my sink tip line and fished a #6 Murray’s Madtom downstream and a Murray’s #6 Road Kill Nymph upstream and immediately began hooking up with a dozen small but very feisty bass and fallfish.  I did better fishing across and down, focusing on the slower part of the run just off the main current.  At one point a very nice bass was scooting around in shallower water chasing what looked like a small fallfish.  Another nice sized bass chased my nymph as I pulled it out of the water to cast, so the fish are definitely on the feed when you find them.

On the way home I crossed the Chenango River in Chenango Forks and it was high and somewhat stained.  If you’re looking to go “bass’in”, I’d fish upstream on one of the smaller rivers like the Tioughnioga. The Chenango will need another day or two to settle down for good fishing.

I plan on fishing the Chemung this evening, and will get a report out on that trip tonight or early tomorrow morning.  Tight lines…


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