Weekend Wrap

Yesterday afternoon I put a wrap on the weekend with two hours of good fishing on the Susquehanna.  Once again the bass were busting bait, but it was a hit and miss affair.  One minute they’re chasing bait with abandon, the next minute they’re gone, reminding me of chasing bluefish at the beach – when it’s good it’s so darn good – when it’s not, you’re wishing instead of fishing.

A nice bass, barely hooked, but I got him...

A nice bass, barely hooked, but I got him...

It was the way fishing should be, and long overdue after such a summer.  I got out 2 evenings, one bleary-eyed early morning, and a couple hours Sunday afternoon.  I got rained on, endured the wind, and didn’t see much sun, but the bass didn’t seem to mind.  In fact, smallmouth are generally light-shy, so the conditions were pretty close to ideal.  Add in the fact that water temps are cooling, triggering putting on the feedbag, and you can get away fishing almost any part of the day.

I lost a few big guys, but that solid head-shaking feel when you hook up followed by cartwheeling acrobatics is enough to put a big grin on your face.  A gold star goes to one “long distance release” (LDR) bass for highest jump – an easy two feet airborne – and – goodbye…

Accolades also to the supporting cast – no less than 8 walleyes – fang-toothed sluggers – most on the small side but two were keepers (which I released).  They took my sculpin, madtom, and even a white Shenk’s streamer on the deep swing.  One hit as my streamer hung below me in the current while I put my rain jacket on.

There were some guest appearances too – blue heron, green heron, plovers, canada geese, and an osprey that patrolled the skies above me, its sharp eyes scanning the swirling river currents below.  Wading one of the river braid creeks deep in the woods after my morning fishing, I flushed 3 fawns and a nervous doe and watched them bound with effortless grace, big fluffy white tails flagging like windshield wipers.

And finally, let’s not forget the stage crew and the big river scenery…

Big pool and weedline, where the hunting's good...

Big pool and weedline, where the hunting's good...

Get out and get ’em – tight lines…


2 Responses to “Weekend Wrap”

  1. Nice bass. I’ve never caught one. Check that, I’ve never caught one with a fly rod. One of these days I’ll try it.

    We got some of your rain today–thank you for sending it this way! No fishing here until Saturday.

  2. stflyfisher Says:

    Hi Scott – thanks for the comment! I love smallmouth bass and fly rods are made for them. You probably know, but they can be caught with poppers, streamers, nymphs, and even dry flies. They can feed with reckless abandon and be as spooky and selective as a trout. And out our way, they’re everywhere – from trout creeks to big warm rivers and lakes.

    Glad to hear the rain went your way. We’re still relatively dry here and the rivers are looking more like early summer right now. But we’ll take it…

    Tight lines, Bob

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