What’s Ahead for the Weekend

After Staff Hydrologist Dan bailed out on some after-work fishing plans due to last-minute work and family commitments (the nerve of the guy!), I headed down to the Susquehanna anyhow and enjoyed a couple hours of decent fishing.  The river is cooling down – now at 62 degrees F – due to the downright chilly evenings we’ve been having.  The water clarity is excellent and the flows just right, AND, the bass are hungry!

Looking ahead, we’re seeing a little rain in the forecast…

Go ahead, give us your best shot...

Go ahead, give us your best shot...

but with our amazing dry spell of late, thanks to the prayer for good weather, that shouldn’t change the river conditions one bit.  And speaking of “the prayer”, not only has it helped us to dry out, but it sent the rain west to help out STFF friend Scott, of Cutthroat Stalker (http://scarles.org/blog/).  Scott reports the trout in his neck of the woods are a little too thirsty these days.  Check out his blog if you want to enjoy some fine writing, great pictures, and interesting posts.

As we head towards the end of the month, don’t forget to renew your New York state fishing license, and be ready to fork over $29 this year (up from $19) thanks to our recent economic woes.  If you fish marine coastal waters and certain tributaries, you’ll need to open the wallet again to purchase a separate recreational marine license ( another $10).  Check out the New York state DEC website for more info (http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/6091.html).

Finally, looks like STFF Swimming Coach and Head Canoeist, Kelly, is ready to take none other than the STFF CEO himself on an excellent adventure fly fishing trip to untouched smallie water on the Susquehanna below the pretty riverside village of Owego.  Departure is scheduled for early Saturday morning – how “early” is still under negotiation.

Stay tuned, and tight lines…


2 Responses to “What’s Ahead for the Weekend”

  1. Bob,

    Thanks for the nod toward the Cutthroat Stalker Nation (if you count the three readers of my blog as a “nation”) – we need all the kind words we can get.

    I’ll pass on my NY license this year. ($30 for a Utah fishing / small game combo license – just in case you’re heading my way soon).

    Looks like you have a bang up weekend planned. Good luck with those smallies!


    • stflyfisher Says:

      No problem Scott – let’s see if we can both boost our readership to 4 or 5…

      $29 for a license isn’t bad considering the fishing we have here – what irks me more if the financial mess this state is in. $30 for a combined license is a great deal in my opinion.

      I’ll be posting on the weekend fishing. Hoping it’s good. Water’s cooling down fast – I’m afraid an early chill could slow it down. Maybe we now need “the prayer for warm weather”???

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