Weekend Short Report

Just got back from the lower Susquehanna and thought I’d post a short report for the weekend.  The smallmouth bass fishing is great right now.  The river is in good shape and water temps are in the mid 60’s.  I caught some quality bass, and one nice one; 8 in total and all of them well fed.  There was a hatch of big mayflies coming off towards evening, and in some cases the bass were rising to them.  There was also a lot of bait busting going on – hit and miss, as usual.  Streamers will continue to work well as the bass are really keyed in on feeding up for the winter, but tonight I also caught some fish on a popper.  And this final comment is for “jigging Jim”, a coworker who believes the ONLY fish worth catching are walleye and yellow perch: I actually caught a small walleye, possibly the first walleye ever taken in such a way, on a Murray’s #6 Blue Shenandoah Popper in the tail of a pool where the water starts getting shallow and fast.  Go figure!  I’m waiting for the IGFA to contact me to enter this one in the record books…

The weekend was looking good only a day or so ago, but to my horror, that rain thing is in the forecast again – a half inch of the stuff is predicted for Sunday…

Let's hope that high pressure system stalls the front...

Let's hope that high pressure system stalls the front...

For those anglers in the Southern Tier of New York, get out and take advantage of the good fishing now – Sunday may set us back a bit…

Tight lines…


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