Weekend Wrap – Peak Week

It’s peak week for fall colors here in the southern tier of New York…

Pierce Hill Pond with a background splash of color...

Pierce Hill Pond with a background splash of color...

The weekend was beautiful with cold evening temperatures followed by sunny days that hit the mid 50’s.  River and stream conditions were mixed – the big rivers were still high and murky while the headwaters were fishable.  Water temps are dropping.  The backyard pond was discernibly quiet, though I was able to rouse a few bass on topwater flies during a short paddle Saturday evening.

This fisherman considered another jaunt to Cayuta Creek, but a perfect storm of family stuff – car problem, dadre home from college, fall baseball for sadre #2, church pumpkin sale for sadre #1, and a madre and dadre shopping extravaganza all combined on several fronts to keep you-know-who at home for the most part.  I made the best of it, as fly fishermen are so damned good at doing, and managed to take a trip to a favorite little park not far from the STFF palace grounds.  I’ll be putting a post up about it this week, but here’s a preview shot…

Jones Park

Jones Park

It’s a chilly 27 degrees this bleary-eyed morning and more and more I’m reminded of potential trib fishing trips for steelhead and browns and the long-awaited trip for blues and stripers in the salt.

Tight lines…


2 Responses to “Weekend Wrap – Peak Week”

  1. that’s a nice looking pond. I hope to have one like that someday!

  2. stflyfisher Says:

    Wish I could say it was mine! There are some pics in my blog of the pond I’m lucky to have in my backyard. Thanks for your comment!

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