Been a while…

I can hear the cacophony now: “where the hell have you been“? Well, I feel really bad about a post-dry February and promise to make up for it now that son #2’s hockey season is over. Some of my readership hopefully can relate; travel hockey is a very time-consuming commitment. And there are parents I know who have not one, but THREE travel players to shuttle all over kingdom-come.

Address your discord to #25 white, taking the face-off. Pic courtesy of family friend / part-time hockey mom, Kathryn Murtha.

Hockey, familial duties, and work deserve most of the blame for the blogging drought, but starting a new website, focused more on local fly-fishing events and nuts and bolts “how-to” certainly didn’t help.

This weekend was going to be the first that I could dedicate to blogging and preparing for the 2010 fly fishing season. In fact, I had the green light from the madre to attend the 2010 Fly Tying Fishing Symposium in Utica on Saturday. But then travel hockey once again intruded: my son was nominated to be one of several players to represent the Binghamton Junior Senators in a Snowbelt League exhibition game to be held in nearby Clinton. So what was sure to be a day-long fly fishing extravaganza, with the possibility of a tour of the Matt brewing Company, turned into an abbreviated visit with my favorite (pronounced fay-voor-iiiite) kind of people in the whole wide world and only a whiff of the brewery as I drove past on the way to hockeyville.

The pearly gates... (Pic courtesy of Utica Club on Facebook)

I made it down to the Clinton Arena, an old-time hockey rink that had all the ambience of the hockey movie “Slapshot” and there the madre and I enjoyed 3 periods of “All-Star” hockey featuring the best players in the Bantam Snowbelt League. The play was fast and technical, much unlike the normal games that are more physical (i.e., hard checking and sometimes “chippy” play). My son even scored a goal with seconds remaining on the clock, a great end to a good but long season.

Driving home we just had to stop at a landmark old-time burger place – another throwback to the good old Utica Club days.

Gilligan's island in Sherburne, NY. (Ginger doesn't work there...)

Gilligan’s Island has some great burgers, each one unique and named after the colorful characters of the epic TV series. My fave is the Mary-Anne – a culinary delight consisting of 1/2 pound ground sirloin, a slice of jalapeno cheese, bacon, and BBQ sauce – all served on a real Kaiser roll. Gilligan’s also features monster onion rings and the best home-made ice cream you’ll ever shove into your salivating yap. And better yet – a great little trout fishery called Handsome Brook is just up the road. More on that, getting ready for the upcoming season, and other ramblings, in a future post (sooner, rather than later, I promise).

Tight Lines…


5 Responses to “Been a while…”

  1. It’s good to hear from you again (I did read your posts on Examiner).

    It’s also good to hear the season ended on such a positive note for your son. For the season finale, our university team polished off one of their rivals on Friday 6-4. It looks like we’ll be going into the playoffs ranked somewhere around 3rd.

    I just love those old-timey burger joints. We have a couple of them still kicking around here. Sinking your teeth into a Mary-Anne…well, we won’t go down that Freudian road.

    Take care!

  2. stflyfisher Says:

    Hey Scott – thanks much for stopping by. Great to hear your team is doing well. Yeah, Gilligan’s is great, and just a half mile up the road is Handsome Brook – a classic twisting snaggy eastern creek, full of deep holes and some truly large trout. If you ever make it out this way – it’s worth a full day of exploring, with a break in between to catch up with Mary-Anne!

    Spring’s just around the corner…

  3. Hey Fisherman! I finally made it out here to check out your latest quips, knowing full well that you’ve been the good Hockey Dad!

    Thanks for giving me credit for the photo-I’ll have to work on capturing the action more next season, because it sure is fun…especially if I bring the right camera next time!

    I’m holding you to your promise of a trip this year…and I swear I saw a Mayfly today, and it brought back memories of the crazy day on the river when those little guys were ready to swallow us up! I’m READY!

    • stflyfisher Says:

      Kathryn – thanks for the comment! I’m up for some trips this year. Make sure you spend time getting your gear ready. There wasn’t much of a white fly hatch this past year because of all the high water in late July / early August, but we’ll hope that’s not the case this year.

  4. Flyfishwannabe Says:

    My son and stflyfisher’s son played on the same hockey team this year and were both in the same exhibition game in Clinton, but on opposing lines. However, my son and a third teammate thought it funny to gang up on stflyfisher’s son, who is smaller than both bullies. Regardless, stflyfisher’s son scored the final goal with just seconds left in the game. The puck when over the bullie’s shoulder and found the back of the net. Revenge is sweet! Way to go stflyfisher’s son!!

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