Spring thaw

The spring thaw is in overtime mode and that’s fitting given the health of the STFF Overlord (that’s me). The stuff I’m blowing out of my head looks a lot like the stuff hanging over the northeast at the moment…

Get your arc ready...

Forget about fishing this weekend. And with this heavy rain combining with rapid snowmelt, who knows what the story will be even next weekend. So, in an attempt to put a Ned Flanderesque spin on the whole dreary state of affairs, I’ll blog on what we can do while we watch the rebirth of the movie Waterworld all around us…

The future STFF headquarters?

For one (admittedly a shameless plug), we can hop on over to my examiner.com website and check out an article I published on getting ready for spring fly fishing. Make lemons out of lemonade and make sure you purchase the appropriate licenses, get your boots refurbished by the local cobbler, and start breaking out the gear for spring cleaning. I’ll be posting some specific articles on gear prep during the week.

Other things to do include:

1) Reorganizing and re-stocking your fly boxes.

2) Making sure you have all your accessories in order.

3) Checking your inventory of terminal tackle, such as leaders, tippet, shot, and strike indicators.

4) Reviewing last year’s journal and getting a 2010 journal if you don’t already have one.

Obviously, if you are a tyer like STFF’s very own Staff Hydrologist Dan, you’re more than busy whipping up the patterns that worked so well last year. Hopefully Dan is doing that very thing as I write – I asked him just last week to tie up some picket pins for another upcoming Local Favorites post and to supplement my own meager stash.

Killing machine...

Tight lines…


4 Responses to “Spring thaw”

  1. I just posted some pics of fall creek on my site. Buttermilk and Judd falls were pretty crazy today too.

  2. stflyfisher Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Matt. I just checked your blog and those pics of the falls are incredible. The trout are hanging on for dear life right now!

  3. This isn’t going to be a repeat of last year, is it? We’re mostly staying dry (except my house is at the extreme top left-hand edge of the big L on Utah, and we did get an inch of snow today). Get feeling better!

    • stflyfisher Says:

      Let’s hope this year is not a repeat of last year! Glad to hear you’re still in snow – ours is all but gone now. I’m on the mend – and hope to get out on the water soon.

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