Grippen Pond

Grippen Pond is the name I’ve given to an acre and a half of very “bassy” water just 100 yards out the back door of my house. The pond, according to some of my old-time neighbors, has been around a while, and sadly, it is showing its age; the bottom is heavy with muck in many areas. Because of the rich and fertile water, the pond is thick with weeds by August, making it difficult to fish. In spring and early summer, however, it is clear and very fishable. The shallows that extend over half its acreage make great “flats” water fishing, where the bass will hang and chase baitfish when the light is low.

The pond may not be the crystal clear body of water that pleases the human eye, but to the bass and sunfish that call it home, it is just fine. On a “cruise and fish” trip in my kayak one recent evening, I saw many bass and sunfish, lots of baitfish and juvenile fish, and many spawning beds neatly carved out clean in the mucky bottom. Some of them already had bass and sunfish on them. One, directly in line with where I typically put my kayak in, had 2 bass lazily doing their spawning thing…

I spent about an hour casting a brown #6 beadhead wooly bugger along the shoreline that evening and was hooking up fairly regularly. It was truly relaxing fishing – easy graceful casts – slow retrieves – no worries – not another soul anywhere on the pond.

Ole bucketmouth is getting hungry...

The bass are getting more aggressive as the water warms, and it may be possible to catch them with poppers at this time.

Full bodied with that classic largemouth coloring...

Indeed, looking out on the pond as evening closes, there’s barely a moment now when the still glassy surface is not somewhere dimpled, rippled, or sometimes even ripped open with the movement of fish on the prowl. With late spring comes a time of plenty, new growth, and great fishing on Grippen Pond…

Tight lines…


2 Responses to “Grippen Pond”

  1. Bob,

    That sounds fun (and relaxing). Looks like a couple of nice fish from the photos. Do you ever take a few for the pan? I’ve never had fresh bass – would like to try it sometime. I’m not seeing lots of ugly weather maps from your site this spring. Good news? We’ve been combating a long, slow, cold, wet spring. Again. Another couple of days of highs in the 40’s and precip again this week. Puts a real damper on the fishing (at least for me – getting to be a real geezer that way).

    I enjoyed the read with my cup of hot cocoa this morning. Thanks!

    -scott c

    • stflyfisher Says:


      It is always nice to fish the pond. The bass are almost always cooperative, ravenously hungry, and love mauling most flies you send their way! Gotta love largemouths for their thug-like attitude. I keep saying I need to kill some fish, but never do. I stocked the place myself – must be i look at them to some degree as “my own”. But one day I will break down…

      Weather has been very nice all in all, however this morning we had snow and 30 gegree temps – go figure… Trout waters are in great shape and even the Susquehanna is coming down nicely!

      Glad this was “cocoa-worthy”…


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