Coming to gitcha…

As reported in my last post, a close encounter with a sabre-toothed fish left me wishing a lot of “if onlys”. Avid followers of my blog will recall that a 12″ smallmouth inhaled my Murray’s #6 Dying Minnow streamer and inadvertently acted as a sort of jig and pig, as our southern bait-casting brethren refer to it, resulting in a scene reminiscent of the movie “Cujo”.

The one and only, but fly fishermen do well with the real thing on their fly...

So what does a fly fisherman do when unexpectedly outgunned: fish a bigger fly, with a heavy leader, connected to a big-belly weight forward bass bug taper line, connected to heavy backing, tied to a fly reel with dual caliper disc brakes, attached to an 8 weight fly rod with fighting butt.

The only thing I was lacking from the aforementioned list of big-game tackle was the fly, so I searched the internet and found a bunch of big, long, and ugly streamers that came in saltwater hook sizes, and bought a few with names like butt monkey, and double bunny.

Prone to attract attention...

I tied a stub of 30lb leader material to the fly for a bite guard and set off to the same pool of the Susquehanna early in the morning.

Throwing a size 1 double bunny streamer on a number 8 line does not exactly make for the most graceful casting, but I was surprised how well my new JP Ross 8 wt handled it. The double bunny, once sufficiently drowned, hauled a lot of water, but once in the river, that streamer could put on the moves. I fished a black / white color, trying to imitate a fallfish and worked it all over the stretch of water where the encounter with Frankenstein occurred. I’m sorry to say that the big dog did not come out to play, but this guy did…

This one evaded Mr. Musky

Which just goes to show that you really can’t throw too big a fly if you’re after smallmouth bass…

A drowned doubly bunny streamer and my new JP Ross 8 weight...

Tight lines…


2 Responses to “Coming to gitcha…”

  1. Nice bass. This is my first visit to your blog. I’m also a Fly Fishing Examiner and thought I’d check out some of my fellow writers.
    I don’t know if you tie your own flies, but I tie a lot of my own basic patterns. I try to keep it simple.
    One of my favorites for bass is what I call my “giant woolly bugger”… pretty much the same as the original, but tied with heavy chenille (from the yarn section at the craft store) on a size 1 hook. I add a length of lead-free wire about 2” long for a little weight. The finished fly is about 4 inches long… the fly fishers equivalent of a large plastic grub or small plastic worm. I really haven’t seen anyone else tie these, but they have been very productive for me. It is probably the easiest fly you could tie for big bass.
    Tight lines,

  2. stflyfisher Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog Jay. I appreciate your comments!

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