Spoons and Pie

My loyal readership will likely remember this blog’s not-so-distant discovery of a titan of enterprise, a skunkworks of technological wonderment, and a darling of Wall Street not too far from the Southern Tier. Lest you have forgotten, click here for a diatribe on the Sutton Spoon Company of Naples, NY.

Sutton's corporate headquarters - conveniently located next to the chinese restaurant where corporate takeovers are regularly planned...

You can thank STFF staff member, master swimmer and long-ago side stroke champion Kelly, born and bred near the place, for turning my attention to this world-class lure-maker. Kelly is still a regular visitor to the sprawling metropolis of Naples and soon after the Christmas holidays, returned with new tales of that oh-so-special place on the south end of Canandaigua Lake. Indeed, I felt much like Thomas Jefferson must have felt at the return of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

First came the pictures from Kelly’s winter expedition:

Christmas in full splendor - one stop shopping for the entire family...

Kelly had to literally press through throngs of people, all waiting to see what Sutton had in their display window under their towering Christmas tree, just to get these rare pictures. But the boots, trucker-style hats complete with Sutton logo, Carhart clothing, wool socks, leather work gloves, ice fishing tip-ups, and WD-40 all paled in comparison to the tray of gleaming spoons of every Sutton shape and size…

Sutton's crown jewels, shimmering like so many diamonds...

And then came the goods. I’m not talking about beaver pelts or Yukon gold – I’m talking a whole, beautifully boxed, thickly filled, grape pie. Yep, grape pie made with the best grapes this side of the Napa Valley – concord grapes – a native american variety – and, no less the same grape that makes the famed Manischewitz Wine…

Grape pie capitol of the world...

The pie came from Monica’s – another one of those Naples, NY trademarks that apparently has quite a following; hell, they’re even on Facebook. Monica’s has been filling pies since way back in 1983 and one bite of just the crust will surely make you a believer in their product. The grape filling is heavenly, just tart enough to put a jump in your step and not leave you puckered up like a spawning sucker. And in addition to the fact that your pie will be neatly boxed, count on a bumper sticker or two to accompany your pie – perfect to slap on the side of your Hyde drift boat.

Spoons and pie are undoubtedly what Naples, NY is all about. I’ve yet to hear from the corporate execs at The Sutton Company regarding my new fly spoon product line…

How could that not attract a laker or two...

It could be “The Board” is still strategizing, pouring over marketing reports, and hiring extra accountants to handle the influx of greenbacks that is surely to follow such a product announcement. Or, maybe they’re a little reticent – you know – the whole “straying from our core business” thing you hear so much of these days from the talking heads of CNBC. If that’s the case, I now know just how to sweeten the deal…

Corporate persuader?

Tight lines…


2 Responses to “Spoons and Pie”

  1. i’d love to visit that place. where is naples? i live in endicott. thanks.

  2. stflyfisher Says:

    Thanks for your comment. Naples is on the south shore of Lake Canandaigua. It is about 2 hours from Endicott. Well worth the visit – especially when spring comes and the rainbows run up Naples Creek!

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