Short Casts: Big Weekend for Fly Fishing Events

Local creeks and streams are still high but that oh-so-nice green snow melt color is showing in some of them and that, to most fly anglers, is like seeing the first robin of spring. Looking back over pictures from last year, however, it’s pretty apparent that this winter was a stronger bloke than 2010’s contender…

Nanticoke Creek, in great fishing shape, a year ago to the day...

We may, in fact, still be a few weeks behind last year’s spring breakout. But remember NY’s weather rule which holds that if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute. Of course, that could mean a leap to summer-like temps or a cold winter recession and even more of the white stuff…

In any case, it’s still not too late to get the gear out and spread it all over the living room – drape every piece of furniture with it – lay out fly boxes and reels and spare spools on every flat surface – empty reels of fly line and backing – and christen it all with a few empty beer bottles, perhaps. Much as a dog marks their territory, this will let all household inhabitants know, you are IN town and ready to flog the banks…

And whilst doing this, don’t forget the bevy of fly fishing events popping up like so many crocuses. Our area is ripe with them, and just this weekend, you’ll find 2 fine examples to attend and really get you in the mood…

If that doesn’t induce spring fever, or the cost of “Texas tea” is just too heady to drive much, stay home and attend to cleaning, lubing, restoring, fixing and general preparation, as described in these short articles:

Rod Care 1, Rod Care 2

Reel Care

Line Care

Boot Care

Preparing 1, Preparing 2

Tight  Lines…


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