Been a while…again

I suppose we, who maddeningly wing words into the great blogosphere, looking for connection beyond the everyday chatter in the world, must all have our pauses. In my case, it’s been a few months, longer than I’ve ever been “off air”. Sometimes pure exhaustion causes it; as any blogger will tell another not smitten with the love of words – it’s good to quiet the pen on occasion and listen, or as the great Stephen Covey would say – we must all take time to “sharpen the saw”. But sometimes too, it’s the non-abating demands of the world.

Such is my case most recently. If blogging paid – and I am told it can, and I pray, someday will – I could become a slave to the page and pile it on the readership. Unfortunately that is not the case now. Bread must be put on the table, children with collegiate appetites must be sent off to study, and taxes incessantly knock.

In these days of constant economic upheaval, the reality is that one must always keep one step ahead of the corporate grim reaper. Gone are the days of a job for life. Roosting on the telephone wires that line the road to financial security and carefree retirement are not songbirds of prosperity, but crows, even vultures, waiting for one to stumble and become carrion of the American Dream. Ironically, this very place – the Southern Tier of New York – practically invented the idea of lifetime job security. Here, in what was once known as “The Valley of Opportunity”, icons of corporate benevolence were born. They built great enterprises that employed thousands, housed them in low-priced and easily financed homes, cared for them with company hospitals, threw parades for them, gave free concerts, and built carousels that are free to the public even to this day…

Ahhh, for want of the good ole days…

So, in short, I left my last place of employ, looking for greater opportunity – to state it in a way as to not offend the corporate world. I found it in Ithaca – home of, well, a different way of thinking. I joined a small company that has a bright future. It’s good there, and it seems for now at least, the songbirds of prosperity are back to roost along my path…

It’s a long commute – 50 minutes to an hour – slightly better when I’m flying low. But oh, what a commute…

The East Branch of Owego Creek just below Richford.

Along the route babbles Owego Creek, a good trout fishery that is stocked but is also home to holdovers. In the main stem there are some big browns on occasion – in the upper reaches where it splits, more browns and native brook trout. It flows from hamlets like Harford Mills and Caroline, and is nurtured from step-across size as it winds through state forest, to a good wade size as it joins the Susquehanna River in Owego.

Not far from my commuting path are Nanticoke Creek and Catatonk Creek. I cross the upper section of Fall Creek as I near my destination in Ithaca – another good trout fishery. And from this new perch of mine, I have access to watersheds I’ve barely fished. Cayuga Lake practically laps at my feet now and the lower section of Fall Creek, known for its fall run of landlocks and browns and a lesser run of rainbows in spring, is just 5 minutes away. And if I want to take a more westerly route home, there’s Buttermilk Falls, through which Buttermilk Creek passes on its way to Cayuga Lake, and a little farther south and west, wonderful Cayuta Creek.

Buttermilk Falls, near Ithaca. The falls are formed by Buttermilk Creek as it cuts through rock on its way to Cayuga Lake. Over thousands of years, the creek has formed deep plunge pools that are home to some very nice brown trout.

So far the change is good. We all need change in life to shake things up – knock the ordinary out and bring in the new. The long break from my last post has hopefully also served to recharge my writing batteries. We shall see, I guess…

Tight Lines…


6 Responses to “Been a while…again”

  1. Bob,

    I am a young fisherman in the Endicott area and I recently poked my way into Nanticoke Creek to do some scouting of the DEC PFR areas there. It is exciting to see similar places posted on the web and enjoyed by others.

    Having recently moved here I am only now ready to “reboot” my fly fishing game. Any information that you have about the area (i.e. Nanticoke Creek and Chenango) would be greatly appreciated.

    I also think you may be interested in my father’s blog, ( here you will find some information about Montana fly fishing.

    Thanks for the stories and pics,


  2. stflyfisher Says:


    Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. I’d be glad to follow up with you on your questions. Thanks for your father’s blog address – I’ll be sure to check it out.

    Tight lines,


  3. I enjoyed your blog post. Good luck in Ithaca. It is my home town and I wish I could make a living there, as I would move back. I’m planning on fishing Cayuta Creek the first week of September. Do you know how the conditions may be, i.e. water level, etc? I have wanted to fish below Richford for many years and your photo enhances my interest. Any suggestions on where to put in? Thanks, again. I will continue to read your blog.

    • stflyfisher Says:

      Ron – thanks for your comment. I have replied to your email with answers to your questions. Good luck fishing Cayuta Creek!

  4. I can relate to the “off air” and it was good hearing someone else say “Take time to sharpen the saw” -something I should get around to being “ok” with. I love fishing upstream of Richford, one evening in about 20 minutes I caught 6 browns all over 20″ – I was literally shaking. Upper Fall Creek by McClean used to be one of my most favorite spots, you can catch everything there. Before the flood I was catching hand sized bluegill and smallies in holes where I’d usually be catching browns! It was awesome to find your blog and I’ll definitely be in touch!


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