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A new year…

Posted in Uncategorized on January 13, 2013 by stflyfisher

It’s been an interesting year. Blogging here took a back seat to family, work, sometimes to fly fishing (a good thing) and also to writing for I have two sites there, one devoted to local fly fishing – the other site more general in nature and not tied to fly fishing in the Southern Tier.

As we wade into 2013, I’ll devote this blog more to musings, observations, commentary, and stories – mostly true – though this author always reserves the right to some poetic license. So if you arrive here in search of fly fishing reports, gear reviews, factoids, or fishing and conservation news, please check out my Examiner sites. But by all means stop and stay a while first – I hope my words to be a little chicken soup for the fly fishing soul, and maybe some motivation…


Look for my next post to be a recap of 2012, a very strange year indeed in my fly fishing ventures, and a look forward to 2013. There I’ll commit to some goals, destined, no doubt to be broken in the coming year with perhaps at least a few ringing true at year’s end. I’ll close this brief post with the words of Rainer Maria Rilke, hoping in 2013, we can all fly fish ever deeply and widely:

“go to the limits of your longing…”