For the times they are a-changin’

If your time to you
Is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’
Or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s lyrics about change are not lost on the dizzying pace of life in the 21st century. They came to mind as I read a recent email from – the site I wrote for under the title, “Binghamton Fly Fishing Examiner”.

The email politely stated that while “” had been a good ride with billions of content views, media consumption on the internet had changed to the point where the’s business was apparently no longer viable. I have to admit that it seemed site hits were trending lower for me over the last year or so. Initially I blamed myself and my writing for the drop, but perhaps there were other forces at work. Who knows…

Writing for was a big part of my literary life. Over 6 years I published some 530 articles that ranged from how-to articles to weekly fly fishing reports for the Southern Tier. Though I have always loved to write, it wasn’t easy holding down a full time job, tending to family, fly fishing, and writing. staff were pretty up front that no one should quit their day job while writing for them and I considered the compensation “fishing money”. Writing for did help me develop my writing muscle and I learned a lot from the experience, but most of all, the site allowed me to make a lot of fly fishing connections and some of the people I met through it turned into good friends and mentors.


Captain Ron Presley, fellow Examiner and a writing mentor for sure… opened doors, broadened my horizons, and got the word out on my take of a sport I dearly love. For that I am very very thankful.


Joe Laney, from the Big Apple, fishes a stretch of the Otselic River with me.

In any case, I am now without a platform for writing weekly fishing reports and informational articles on fly fishing in the Southern Tier. This blog, you see, was developed to write about fly fishing related themes – my friendships with other fly fishermen, fly fishing history, musings on the sport – everything but the actual fly fishing itself. Southern Tier Fly Fisher is hosted by the blog site – perfect for my original writing needs but not customizable. In its basic form it’s not capable of displaying video, slideshows, or even hosting an online store, for example.

So, over the next few months I will be working on an entirely new home for Southern Tier Fly Fisher with a goal to have a new site up and running by the start of 2017. The new site will include regular fly fishing reports for our area along with plenty of local fly fishing pictures and videos and an online store featuring local flies and tackle. Peppered in with fly fishing reports and how-to articles will be other writing on our great sport and everything connected with it.

Stay tuned…






2 Responses to “For the times they are a-changin’”

  1. Bob Stanton Says:

    Bob, first off, do not underestimate your writing skills under any circumstances! I stumbled across this blog while searching for “Northern tier fly fishing” or something of that ilk. When I clicked on the link to your blog, if was the quality of the writing and the quality of the content that brought me back. Probably my favorite post on STFF is the one about fishing the West Branch on Memorial Day and happening across the service taking place at the cemetery. It moved me, Robert. Furthermore, where else is one to find topics as diverse as smallmouth bass, Robert Burns, the pond in your backyard and Utica beer? In addition, it has allowed us to become friends, if only via the Internet for the time being. We are all in flux to some degree as the times are a-changin’ for better or for worse and few things are to be counted on for long. As for your new venture, well, you can count on a subscription from this satisfied customer. Thank you, Mr. Bruns, and see you soon!

    • stflyfisher Says:

      Bob – your words are too kind but I really appreciate them. Comments like these motivate me to sharpen the pencil and write. Thanks so much for subscribing…

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